Digital Camera Instructions



1. Turn on UV light to microscope

2. Turn on Sony digital photo-camera box (bottom left)

3. Press top button on computer at right

4. Turn on bottom and top monitors (far right)

5. Wait for Mikes name to come up on screen then press cancel

6. Double click on Adobe

7. Click on screen to get blue line at top

8. File à Import à Twain 32

9. Focus Microscope fully remembering eyepieces (see instructions)

10. Pull out top silver bar on microscope to allow light to camera

11. Second bar operates as usual : in = 100% light to eyepieces; halfway = 50:50 eyepieces and camera; out = 100% to camera.

12. Adjust parfocal ring (2/3 way up camera) with allen key to bring the image into focus with the screen.

13. Click contrast (3rd box down) à Set to 0 for fluorescence; set to 25 for H&E

14. Setup à Temp live à 3200K

15. Sensitivity (F stop) à ISO (speed of film) = 100 (Fluor) (live and still should be set same if possible)

16. Shutter à live à 1/25 (Fl); still à 1/15 (Fl)

17. Balance à set black/white by focusing on background and different areas of H/E slide

18. Camera à live -- to get real image from microscope (make sure bottom silver bar is all way out)

19. Choose area and depending on the magnification focus to the screen. Choose à Still

20. Press à Release The screen flickers and gives you a view of the degree of contrast.

21. Choose à Aquire to capture image. Images may now be compared to one another but Mike thinks the bottom monitor is a more accurate image of the degree of contrast.

22. Save image to folder on desktop

23. Transfer to Derm Server

24. Pull over images - Organize and Save originals by burning to a CD of DVD. Delete files on Derm computer and server.

25. Catalogue these CDs and print out a Portfolio image file